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Will soon have a survey of fishery products smuggled

30-07-2015 08:25:00

At briefings quality management of agricultural materials, food safety and agriculture, forestry and fisheries 6/5 day, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu said, before the information on fishery products as sturgeon, catfish, frogs ... smuggled from China, State Administration of Quality Agro-forestry and fisheries directing the investigations unit, monitored at the wholesale market, retail to early results for consumer information.
According to Director General of Quality Assurance Agro-forestry and fishery Nguyen Nhu Tiep, the Department has instructed the quality management department of agro-forestry and fisheries Hanoi examination of fishery products in the market Yen, markets wholesalers and retailers to determine the quantity, quality, markets and products smuggled prohibited substance residues.

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Fisheries smuggled - Artwork

Assessing the quality of the management of agricultural supplies, food safety, forestry, aquaculture farmers in recent years, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu said that the status of food safety management has made progress but not yet Featured by sanctions is not enough to deter. In recent times the situation that still poisoning people, smuggled chicken, seafood from China and high risk. Therefore, the units should strengthen coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Steering Committee 127 ... strengthen inspection and control of products smuggled to avoid affecting domestic production.

According to Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu, in April, the province activated 8/19 inspect, report on the implementation circular 14 on the inspection and evaluation of production and business establishments of agricultural materials and products agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Meanwhile, the percentage of business establishments producing feed class C remains high (35.2%) but has not been held for re-inspection. The unit should supervise and coordinate local steering strengthen reinspection and revaluation institutions tougher this class C.


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