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Octopus also called squid boss, though not tasty and fragrant with squid but side effects great health tonic for new patients have been sick, women after birth, from octopus dishes are a favorite again…

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Cuttlefish have an internal shell large W-shaped pupil, eight-nozzle and 2 tentacles with suction mouth serrated to hold onto their prey. Cuttlefish have a lifespan of 1-2 years. and is one of the invertebrate…

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Squid is a body inks long, tubular 8 beard and two long tentacles small, spotty skin pink, big eyes throughout, especially part caudal fin is very recognizable, it comes stretching from between the rump…

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Seafood sea fish is very much loved by the delicious taste characteristic of it. Referring to marine fish you can think of all kinds of nutritious fish. Such black pomfret - Cow Fish - Grouper - mackerel…

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Shells of sea urchins and spiny spherical. They can reach a diameter of 8 to 10 cm, about 3 to 4 inches thick. Thorns sprouting around the outer casing, if stabbed then stabbed skin will ache, but not…

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Includes many packaged foods are convenient sea.

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Eurasia Seafood Co., Ltd was established in 2012, its owner and its managing boards as members used to work for Seaprodex Vietnam and has more than 20 years of experience in collecting, processing and exporting the frozen seafood products to all over the world.

With that valuable experiences, the members set up Eurasia Seafood Co., Ltd and run it by our own path in hope to provide finest frozen seafood products to our esteemed customers with high quality and best services by straight source and professional manufacture, service operation. Our below products manufactured by professional HACCP & EU approval plant. 

List of products manufactured & exported by Eurasia Seafood Co., Ltd 

1. Frozen Cuttlefish Products : IQF Matsukasa ( IQF Blanched Pineapple Cuttlefish, Frozen Block Cuttlefish Fillet, IQF Cuttlefish Filler Roll, Frozen Whole Clean Baby Cuttlefish…